SeinQuest Vision and Mission

Vision: Be at peace through self-realization, done with great dignity.

Mission: Learn to resolve limitations, find what matters, and live a life worth living.

About SeinQuest

SeinQuest stems from the German word for 'being' sein, and literally means THE QUEST TO BE... This really is about your own Being: SeinQuest helps individuals such as you to be fulfilled, and organizations to be successful.

It's all about self-realization: resolve your limitations, find yourself and what matters to you, and then be true to you in all aspects of your life! That is what is is to live authentically! If that sounds like something you might want to do, then SeinQuest is for you!

SeinQuest helps you to take control of your life or business: The key is to have a vision that expresses who you are, and a design to bring it into reality. First learn to see and resolve your limits, clarify what you are about, then design a process for this, and use the best tools to implement and perfect it. The same principle applies no matter if you design a fulfilling life, a winning company, a successful project, or efficient software, etc.

All this has been crystallized into a powerful manifestation process called The Steps of Essence by Hanns-Oskar Porr, founder of SeinQuest, Inc. Hanns passionate teaches self-realization, and lives what he teaches every day. He is a life-design expert, drawing on many years of experience with Walt Disney Pictures and other global companies.

To find out how you can benefit from this approach, please visit The Steps of Essence, as well as the various blogs and forums.

SeinQuest, Inc. offers a series of services and products that will allow you to create a more fulfilling life. Hanns holds talks and seminars on Personal Growth and Authentic Living, and mentors and consults via email, IM, phone, and in person. Please contact us to discuss your coaching, consulting, and life strategies needs.

The Word "SeinQuest"

SeinQuest stems from the German word for 'being' sein, and literally means THE QUEST TO BE ... SeinQuest is your quest to be or become anything you choose to be.

SEIN (German)

1) Sein To Be
2) Das Sein Being, Beingness
3) Sein his

SeinQuest means:

The Quest for Being
The Quest of Being
The Quest To Be...