SeinQuest Vision and Mission

Vision: Be at peace through self-realization, done with great dignity.

Mission: Learn to resolve limitations, find what matters, and live a life worth living.

The Vision for SeinQuest

Hello, this is Hanns-Oskar Porr, creator of SeinQuest. I hope you are enjoying the site and the various products; but I also wanted to share my Vision for SeinQuest with you.

SeinQuest is all about self-realization and fulfillment. And that can take on many forms: at the personal level, that of spirituality, culture, business, community, world, etc. At each level, it is the same process of realization: You have to first mentally realize what you are about as a person, community, nation, or world; and then physically realize this in actuality. Ultimately, all this is about "you:" to help you live a life worth living; but it also is about "us," all of us, at the level of the human community: to help us live up to our own human potential, and ask "What does it mean to be human, as a person, a nation, a word?" And once we know, how can live authentically to this?

So the question becomes how to achieve all this? First of, I developed a powerful manifestation process called The Steps of Essence, which draws on the thoughts of the worlds greatest thinkers, powerful techniques from contemporary psychology, and proven design principles. That goes a long way, but the goals are lofty, and I can't do this all by myself.

So what I envision for SeinQuest is a collaborative place, where many people with different backgrounds, but with the same shared Vision, can come together to explore self-realization and actualization.

In the first phase, the idea is to build up some kind of social networking site, where people can connect and help each other, like a Facebook-with-a-Mission: self-realization.

But it has to go further. Instead of just having the generic circle-of-friends which you typically find on these sites, you really need access to topic experts, especially when you get stuck on your own quest to self-fulfillment. Therefore, I would like to see SeinQuest expand to have other qualified individuals come on board, such as therapists (to help people resolve their limits), or career counselors (to set up realistic paths), mentors and coaches, acting teachers (see the Steps: The Authentic Act), etc.

And there is plenty of space for this: The Steps of Essence are not supposed to be the one and only way to self-actualization, but instead are a framework that can be expanded to include other ideas, including those from other collaborators. The Steps of Essence works on so many levels, and it really takes an expert at each level, who can help to unfold a person’s unique potential at that level, while bringing to it his or her unique skills and techniques.

Looking even further into the future, while SeinQuest right now is a virtual gathering place, I would like to eventually see it become a real physical place at some time, maybe like a non-profit institute or foundation.

If you are a qualified person, who believes the Steps of Essence are on the right track, share this Vision and would like to help with it, please contact me using the form on this website.

Be True!