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Resolving personal boundaries

In our daily lives, many things keep us from growing as a person. One problem is that we often don’t know what to grow into, and then our lives lack direction and focus. But maybe even more importantly, even if you knew, many people have limits that hold them back. And so, we often spend our lives in a “safety zone,” and only engage in the habitual. In that way, little if any growth can happen.

The Reading Shelf is open

While my book “The Steps of Essence” will not be officially released for a couple of months, I just published a list of the books that most influenced the text: I created a reading shelf on my website at http://www.seinquest.com/StepsOfEssence/ReadingShelf, which links to amazon.com. You will find many books that you may find helpful and interesting yourself, ranging from such diverse areas as psychology, self-help, philosophy, creativity, eastern and western thought, and even acting-techniques.

Life is a Quest: to find and be yourself

One popular theme in the many myths and legends of the world is that of a hero setting out on a Quest to find a treasured object. Today we find this same theme in popular movies such as Star Wars, The Lord of the Rings, the Matrix, etc. Joseph Campbell once found that many of these stories follow a similar outline, even though they originated in completely different cultures. This is because these themes represent every person’s own Quest in life, which is the same in each culture: to be the hero of one’s own life, and go to find and be oneself.

SeinQuest’s New Website featuring The Steps of Essence

SeinQuest is proud to present a new website featuring the exciting new book “The Steps of Essence” by Hanns-Oskar Porr.

The whole site is geared towards your "self-realization,” and provides you with many dynamic tools to help you on your life’s Quest to be anybody but you! You will find blogs, forums, and a social network designed to help you live your life well and authentically.

Star Trek, the movie: Captain Kirk is not who you think he is

Earlier this year I watched the new Star Trek movie because I wanted to see the origin of the main characters, like Kirk, Spok, Bones, etc. Maybe you did so, too--but did you catch the mistake? In the movie, an alternate timeline is created; that in itself is not that bad, nor unusual--clearly, the studio wants a fresh start to make more movies (and money). But in the process, the writers and producer made a colossal error: they created an entirely different Captain Kirk—somebody who cannot be the same Kirk we all came to know (and love?), but instead is a different person.

Being True to You, and living authentically. Part 2

In the first part of this post, I talked about how to find what you can be true to. But that is only the beginning, and there is more: For once you know what matters most to you in your life, you then have to live authentically to this. And that can be quite hard.

Being True to You, and living authentically. Part 1

Today we hear it quite often: I want to be true to me. It almost has become like a battle cry of a whole generation. But what really does this mean? Who really is this "you" that you should be true to? Once we dig into the answers, it really is quite obscure. Let's look at it some more:

Knowing who you are, and then being it: Paul Potts blew us all away

My books, Be True, Be Happy and The Steps of Essence, are all about being yourself; and at times that can be one of the hardest things you will ever do. To help and inspire you, I want to share with you this fantastic story and video.

Authentic at the national level: freedom and democracy

My books, Be True, Be Happy and The Steps of Essence, are all about Self-Realization: how to find yourself, and then live authentically to this. My writings apply this to the personal level, but the same discussion can also be held at other levels, such as the level of our nation.

The question I want to pose here: how much is the US true to its core values?