Course 2: Be True, Be Happy

The book "Be True, Be Happy" is a shorter version of "The Steps of Essence" and refers to its exercises. You can do many of these in the free online course "The Steps of Essence"!

Below is the Table of Content showing the respective exercises -- click on the links to access the online version.

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Your Happiness Is a Choice
Your Life’s Meaning
Your Masks
Your Authentic Self?
You = Authentic = Author
Your Authentic Authorship
Your Authentic Vision
Your Roadmap to Meaning and Happiness

Authoring Your Life

Your Supporting Council
Your Life Story
Your Character and Attributes
Your Values and Interests
Your Way of Having
Your Props
Your Way of Being
Your Flow Moments
Flow Activities in Your Life Story.
Your Passion
3.18 Your Greater Purpose?
Your Passionate Contexts
Your Story’s End
Choose Your Authentic Vision
3.9 Tasting.
3.33 Choose the Threads that Matter.
3.34 Prioritize Your Authentic Threads.
Write Your Vision

Your Life Design

Giving Back
Your Authentic Missions
5.13 Find Examples, Become Inspired.
5.14 Your Own Masters of Living.
5.15 Dreaming Endless Possibilities.
Your Talents and Skills
Your Career
Exercise 5.39 Authentic Career Design.
Your Creativity
5.1 Your Creative Moments.
5.2 Seeing the Extraordinary.
5.3 A Child’s Eye.
5.4 Thinking Out of the Box by Lifting Contexts.
5.6 The Metaphor.
5.12 The First Answer May Not Be the Best.
5.17 Ask the Question Differently.
5.18 Break the Rules.
Your Playfulness
Your Authentic Milestones
5.21 Authentic Outline.
5.22 What is Missing?
5.23 Make it Measurable.
5.24 Your Authentic Milestones.
5.25 Is it Realistic?
5.29 A Project Outline.
Handling Your Failures and Mistakes
5.33 Accept the Setback.
5.34 Mistakes.
Your Evolution
5.31 Path Adjustment and Design Reviews.
6.4 Schedule a Vision Review.
6.7 Re-evaluate and Re-Vision.

Resolving Your Barriers

Deactivators: What Is Holding You Back
Your Personal Limits and Deactivators
Your Limits Are Your Emotions
Your ACT
Your Thoughts: Change How You See the World
2.10 Finding Your Core Beliefs: Downward Arrow.
2.16 Counter Statement.
2.17 Advice to a Friend.
2.19 Empower Your Dialogue.
Reprogram Yourself
Accept Yourself
2.20 Do Not Think This!
2.21 Paradox.
2.26 The Chinese Finger Trap Puzzle.
2.27 The Tug-of-War with Your Giant.
2.28 The Willingness Thermometer.
2.29 Accept a Little Bit.
Your Content and Contexts
2.22 Meaning in a Cultural Context.
2.23 Meaning in a Personal Context.
2.24 Seeing What You Want To See.
2.25 Watching a Movie.
Being Mindful
2.30 Experience the Present.
2.31 The Chessboard Metaphor.
2.32 The Passing Parade.
2.33 Commentary Driving.
2.34 Remembering, from Your Past into the Present.
2.35 Remembering, from the Present to the Past.
2.36 Resolving Your Struggles Away.
Your Choice

Acting Real

Just Relax
Generate Your Empowering Emotion
4.19 Making Your Mouth Water.
4.20 A Cup of Coffee. 4.21 Feeling the Sun.
4.22 Mining for Authentic Moments.
4.23 Generate the Emotion.
4.24 Imagining Circumstances.
4.25 The Magical As-If.
4.34 Practicing First with Friends.
4.35 Taking the ACT Public.
Remember to ACT
The Price of Your Life
The Power of A Single Step
1.4 Committing to the Quest.
5.32 Procrastination.
5.35 Your Authentic Life Contract.
Believe in Yourself