Happiness Secret: Do not take the little things in life for granted

Sometimes we chase after certain things and think that they will make us happy. In my new book "Be True, Be Happy: Simple Secrets for a Happy and Meaningful life", I present various simple secrets for happiness, and one such secret is that we already have a lot of "little things" in our lives that can make us happy -- if only we choose to see them. Unfortunately, we all too often forget this and take them instead for granted. But isn't it a good day if you have health, food and shelter?

Announcing My New Book: Be True, Be Happy –- Simple Secrets for a Happy and Meaningful Life

It’s my great pleasure to announce "Be True, Be Happy: Simple Secrets for a Happy and Meaningful Life," my new book to be released in September 2010.

And just as the title says, in it I present various simple-to-follow secrets for happiness. The basic idea is that you will be happier if you align your life toward those things that empower you and make you happy intrinsically. The book shows you ways to do this.

You are a superhero of life

You are a superhero. Yes, it’s true – and you don’t have to wear a cape or a mask to be one. You already are, just by being you. For once upon a time, you took the plunge into life. At the moment of your conception there were a thousand other potential versions of you vying for this life, that is, a thousand male seeds trying to merge with that one female ovum. Each other combination would have produced a different biological “you.” But only YOU made it.

Only you, uniquely you, took the plunge into life. That’s the jump of a hero. You already are a life hero!

Seeing Miracles All Around You

What really is a miracle? If miracles were more common, would we still call them miracles? As I explain in “The Steps of Essence,” the words miracle and mirage are related and they imply feeling a sense of wonder.

So ask yourself: what instills a real sense of wonderment in you?

Is it something grand like Jesus walking on water?

Or how about a woman with an injured spinal cord who was told by the doctors that she would never walk again, and yet does. Is that a miracle?

What about our ability to feel love?

How to Deal Better with Failure and Disappointment

We all fail from time to time—-that is only human. The question is, how do you handle these failures? In the worst case, a single failure can be so devastating that a whole life becomes woven around it. Then it is no longer "I failed at such and such" but "my whole life is a failure" or even "I am a failure!" A related case if is somebody else has failed you and you cannot get over this. In either case, you may feel a deep disappointment or maybe even depression. But it does not have to be like that – in fact, the whole notion of failure is incorrect. Let’s see why.

Humility is to be human

In The Steps of Essence I encourage people to dream big and to be great. In fact, I believe we all are great beings already--just by being born and being unique. But greatness is not enough; instead it is very much about how you are being great about your life: you can either brag about your greatness, or be humble about it. Each way will make a great difference to your own life and the lives of others.

Would an iPad make you happy?

Is the iPad going to make you happy? This certainly must be what all the die-hard fans believe who waited so faithfully in line overnight when the little gizmo was first released. But they may be deceiving themselves.

We all do it to from time to time—we run out and buy a new thing, thinking it will make us happy. For some, this may be the iPad, for others the newest release of Windows, or maybe a new dress, a new car.

And for some time, it does make us happy. Here is this new toy, a new sensation, which brings a level of excitement and freshness into our otherwise gray lives.

The secret to success: Believing in yourself and self-confidence

What do you think is the secret to accomplishing something really great? And what is the basis behind success? Sure, there are many factors, like having the right skills or knowing the right people. But all these mean nothing if one other special element is not in place--which on the road to success must come before all else. I shall tell you about it in this article: The secret to success is to believe in yourself. For when you believe in yourself, no matter what obstacles you encounter, you will prevail.

Using Authentic Authorship to create a life worth living

Did you know that you can improve the quality of your life by applying the same writing techniques to your life that you use to write a good story?

This is because we experience and remember our lives much like a story. And you're the author of that story—which means you can choose what it is to be about. Alas, many do not fully partially in this process and let their lives be authored by others, which can result in unhappiness or discontent. In this post, I show you how to change that.

New ACT: Any Appropriate technique to Accept and Resolve, Choose & Take Action

When you’re struggling with some emotional problem, like for example anxiety, depression, or momentary anger, what can you do to get past this? Modern psychology offers many ways to resolve such issues. Some of the most widely used techniques work on changing your thoughts; other more recent approaches stress acceptance and mindfulness. In this article we’ll look at some of these ways that can help you.