SeinQuest’s New Website featuring The Steps of Essence

SeinQuest is proud to present a new website featuring the exciting new book “The Steps of Essence” by Hanns-Oskar Porr.

The whole site is geared towards your "self-realization,” and provides you with many dynamic tools to help you on your life’s Quest to be anybody but you! You will find blogs, forums, and a social network designed to help you live your life well and authentically.

In preparation for the book-launch of "The Steps of Essence" in November 2009, there is a dedicated section for the book, which explains the content, features a blog, shows reviews and a reading shelf, and more.

There also is an important additional feature to make this book come to life for you. Many self-help books ultimately fail because the reader is left to his or her own devices. You need a dedicated support community. Just like the heroes who go on a quest, a theme which we find so often in the myths and legends of old, who had a council of wise people to advise him, you, too, should also have a dedicated support group. In the Steps of Essence, the author Hanns-Oskar Porr asks you right away to set up such a community, which he calls “The Council of the Wise.” The members of your council are to help you when the going gets rough.

And to help with this, the new site has several new features built in: it allows you to create an account, and once you log in, you can post to the community support forum for advice, but you can also invite your friends to the site and dedicate some of them to be on your “Council of the Wise.” Likewise, you can function as an adviser to somebody else if they invite you.

There will be additional features to help you very soon: we are planning to convert the hundreds of exercises in “The Steps of Essence” into an online form, which you could access from a special subscriber area in your account. That way, you can fill out the exercises online, and invite your Council to give you feedback or help. Look for this feature soon.

We hope you enjoy the new site and its feature. If you have suggestions, please log in and use the suggestion forum.