Seeing Miracles All Around You

What really is a miracle? If miracles were more common, would we still call them miracles? As I explain in “The Steps of Essence,” the words miracle and mirage are related and they imply feeling a sense of wonder.

So ask yourself: what instills a real sense of wonderment in you?

Is it something grand like Jesus walking on water?

Or how about a woman with an injured spinal cord who was told by the doctors that she would never walk again, and yet does. Is that a miracle?

What about our ability to feel love?

Or, very simply, the beauty of a flower? Just really regard at it—and maybe, just like me, you’ll see how amazing it is and feel a sense of wonder at what we call life.

If you choose to see the wonder that is all around us, you can see miracles everywhere.

Be True! Be Happy!
Hanns-Oskar Porr
Copyright © 2010 Hanns-Oskar Porr

Adapted from The Steps of Essence and my new book Be True, Be Happy

Be True, Be Happy: Simple Secrets for a Happy and Meaningful Life.
by Hanns-Oskar Porr

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