Your Council of the Wise

When you do the exercises in the free online course, it is best to do them with a group of helpers and advisors. This is because,

  1. very often we can't see our own faults, but others can.
  2. such a group can give tremendous support whenever things get hard.
  3. it's just more fun to work with a group of helpers.

Both "The Steps of Essence" and "Be True, Be Happy" suggest that you set up a group of advisers, your "Your Council of the Wise," which helps you as you undergo your personal journey of discovery.

Only is set up for you to do so. After you create an account, invite some of your friends to join as well. You then designate some of your friends to be Advisers. Likewise, you can become an adviser to others.

When you now do the exercises, all your work is by default set to private. But you can also elect to make each answer viewable to your advisers. At this point your Council will be able to see and comment on your work, and give you helpful feedback.

The first thing to do then is to log in and invite some of your friends to be your advisers. Then, go on and enjoy the exercises.

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