Introduction to the Personal Growth Exercises

What would a site about personal growth be without a way for you to actually grow as a person? is unique in that it offers you a way to learn new life skills online, coupled with a way to setup a group of special advisers. It features exercises from the book "The Steps of Essence," and lets you create and store your own answers.

And now comes the key to making this successful: Taking the Self out of Self-Help. The problem with self-help is that you are your own adviser and often give yourself the same "wrong" advise. All too often, self-help leads to nowhere. There are better alternatives: 1) professional mentoring, OR 2) working in a group where other people guide and aid you.

This is where comes in. Just like many social networking sites, you can invite various of your friends. But on, you can also designate some friends to be your advisers, or become an adviser to others. These selected advisers then become "Your Council," named after "Your Council of the Wise" in the Steps of Essence.

When you now do your exercises, all your work is by default private -- but you can also elect to make your answers viewable to your Council. When you do, only your advisers (and not your other friends) can see and comment on your answer. Likewise, you can help others who you advise. All this can be fun and rewarding.

Your first step to do so is to log into and invite some of your trusted friends to be on your Council. From there, enjoy all the exercises.

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