The Call To Action

Module 001 : The Call To Action

The following exercises are from "Step 1: The Call To Action" in the book The Steps of Essence.

Your search to find a live worth living is like going on a Quest to find a treasured object. We find this theme in many great stories: it is that of Luke Skywalker, Frodo, Neo, etc. And it always starts the same: the unlikely hero lives in a fair land, but soon dark clouds of trouble appear on the horizon and he or she must set out on a Quest--the adventure of a life time.

The same is true for you: You have felt it for a long time, some kind of discontent saying that something is not right any longer.

What you have been feeling is “The Call To Action:” it is your conscious calling you to go on your own Quest, the Quest to find and be yourself!

And just like in those great stories, every hero at one point must step beyond a threshold into the darkness that lies beyond and face what is laying there. The same is true on your own journey: in your life you have erected boundaries and you must first learn how to resolve them so that you are free to choose your own future, without being limited by your past.

This first Step therefore shows you the forces which have shaped you and makes you aware of your personal limitations—-which you will learn to resolve in the next Step of Essence: The Road of Trials.

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