The Road of Trials

Module 002 : The Road of Trials

The following exercises are from "Step 2: The Road of Trials" from the book The Steps of Essence.

In the previous Step you became aware of your limitations. These are the trials of your life! Now you will learn to resolve these, so that you can once more life more fully and choose your future without being tied down by your past.

To do so, you'll learn some powerful techniques from psychology that are proven to generate results. The key is learning to see whatever you struggle with differently. Take for example this image: Can you see a wrinkled old lady? Now try to see a beautiful young girl. Can you do it?. This Step teaches you to do a similar switch with the issues you struggle with so that you resolve them.

In one approach, you learn to change your thinking so that it empowers you instead of limiting you. In another, you learn to accept yourself as who you are, and thereby create a mental opening that allows you to move on with your life in the direction that matters to you (the next Step).

Overall, the Steps of Essence follow the ACT approach (see article): 1) use Any Appropriate way to resolve and Accept, 2) Choose what matters, 3) and Take Action to bring it alive. This Step teaches the 'A' part; the next Step teaches the 'C' part, to find what matters in your life, and later Steps the 'T' part.

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