Vision Quest

Module 003 : Vision Quest

The following exercises are from "Step 3: Vision Quest" in the book The Steps of Essence.

In the previous step, you learned to resolve your limits. Now you'll to find what matters the most to you. Out of this you will form an Authentic Vision for your life, which will link you to a greater purpose--not just for yourself, but also for your community or world.

To reveal what matters, you will use special indicators from your life: moments in which you were "in Flow," your values and interests, your "ways-of-having" and "ways-of-being," and much more.

In the next Steps, you will turn your Vision into actuality and learn to act authentically along the paths you lay out.

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Exercises in this module
011 Which of Your Possessions Matter Most to You? (Part 1) - login to store -
012 Find the Hidden Meaning - login to store -
014 Do You Own Your Property? Or Does It Own You? - login to store -
017 Your Attributes - login to store -
020 What Interests You? - login to store -
021 Flow ACTivities in Your Story - login to store -
022 Values - login to store -
023 Your Personal Myths: Achievments and Failures - login to store -
024 Your Valued Life Contexts - login to store -
028 If You Only Had a Short Time To Live - login to store -
030 Your Legacy - login to store -
031 Imagine Yourself at Death: Your Eulogy - login to store -
033 Choose the Threads that Matter - login to store -
035 Your Authentic Emotions - login to store -
036 Your Vision Statement - login to store -