The Authentic Act

Module 004 : The Authentic Act

The following exercises are from "Step 4: The Authentic ACT" in the book The Steps of Essence.

In the previous Step, you focused an Authentic Vision for your life. Now you learn to actualize this Vision and act true to yourself even under the most adverse conditions.

And you truly need this skill in life: while in the previous Steps you went inwards and found yourself, now you step outside into the world "as yourself." And that can be hard, because surely, the world will try to put you back "into your place."

But instead of listening to the external pressures, or self-limiting emotions such as fear or depression, there is another way: In this Step you'll learn to re-center when the going gets tough, and guide your emotional life so that it is aligned with what you want to create.

To do this, you'll learn some incredibly powerful techniques as used by the greatest actors, such as Meryl Streep or Robert De Niro, who are able to portray true emotions on cue in front of any audience. You, too, can learn to do generate authentic and empowering emotions by using these same techniques, and this Step shows you how.

In the next Step you move on to implement concrete paths for your life.

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007 Your De-ACTivators: What is Stopping You? - login to store -
008 In What Life-Contexts Do You Act Authentically? - login to store -
011 Why Are You Able To ACT Authentic? - login to store -
015 Relax: Identify Tension Points - login to store -
016 Relax through Breathing - login to store -
018 Pick a Prop That Helps You Be Authentic - login to store -
022 Mining For Authentic Moments - login to store -
023 Generate the Emotion - login to store -
026 Substitute a Different Place - login to store -
027 Substitute a Different Person - login to store -
035 Taking the ACT Public - login to store -