Authentic Growth

Module 005 : Authentic Growth

The following exercises are from "Step 5: Authentic Growth" in the book The Steps of Essence.

In the previous Step you learned to ACT authentically under any circumstances. Now you learn to make your Vision reality by designing and implementing various paths to grow it into ACTuality

But when you look for your ways, they have to be grounded in reality; otherwise your Vision will stay a mere pipe dream. You want a Life Design that both reflects your Vision and has realistic pathways to bring it alive: out of this will grow your life worth living, fully expressing who you are.

To do so, your ways have to reflect both your unique abilities as well as the needs of the worlds. If it does not, you will struggle. This Step teaches you to identify both, while also taking into account your unique situation. You will learn proven techniques that allow you to design fulfilling goals and ways to implement them.

The next step will help you to evolve your path as you mature.

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005 Your Target Environments and Life Contexts - login to store -
007 What Does Your Environment Need From You? - login to store -
009 Identify Your Talents - login to store -
010 Identify Your Transferable Skills - login to store -
015 Dreaming Endless Possibilites - login to store -
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022 What is Missing? - login to store -
037 Your Comfort Point: The Price of My Life - login to store -